Mens  Womens Nurse Nurses Nursing Shoes Crocs Endeavour Clogs Pearl Popular Types of Nurses ShoesDid you know that there are certain types of shoes which are favored by nurses because of the comfort and easy wear ability that comes with the shoe? Nurses are on their feet for hours and hours at a time as the average shift for a nurse is twelve hours. Through these twelve hours, the nurse must find shoes that allow her feet to breathe and allow her to walk with comfort as well as shoes which can be easily cleaned and provide support to the foot.

Here are some of the popular choices of shoes for nurses:

Rubber clogs. Although most nurses must wear rubber clogs without holes through the top of the shoe, the back of the shoe is open, which can allow for air flow within the shoe, reducing the warmness in the shoe which can lead to odors as well as lead to sweating. Rubber clogs can easily be washed because there are many questionable substances that come into contact with the shoes through the shift.

Wool clogs are another popular choice for nurse’s shoes as they are warm enough to wear through the winter but still allow for air flow once the shoes have been worn, as they have an open back. These shoes are perfect for wearing with light socks and are available in a variety of neutral colors.

There are certain types of sneakers which have been designed for nurses to offer the support that is required through the shoe. These types of sneakers can be easily worn in the office, to home and even through the weekends. The support is designed to cushion the foot through long shifts, allowing the nurse to save her feet and her back, without stopping working.